About the initiative

Repair Maps is a collective exercise that collects and presents data from professional repair shops, Repair Cafés and other repair organisations in Europe.

Mapping repair actors

Repair Maps wants to map local repair organisations of different types in the entire project region (North-West Europe). The goals of building this database are multiple:

  • Provide citizens an overview of all repair initiatives in their area
  • Give visibility to local repair initiatives
  • Use the collected data for analytical purposes, contributing in their turn to ao. the European Right to Repair campaign
  • Identify the repair initiatives in a unique way, also in other repair platforms and tools (city platforms, Repair Connects…)

How does it work?

Initial data entry

To launch the first Repair Map, a data collection exercise was conducted by several project partners (Repair Together, Repair & Share, Restarters, cities of Leuven, Roeselare, Apeldoorn, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve...). Visits of repair businesses and Repair Cafés were combined with desk research to get a first representative overview of repair actors in dedicated regions.

Crowdsourcing repair data

Of course, the list of repair organisations on the map is not complete. Repair Maps wants to engage local repair actors and citizens to add more points-of-interest on the map, and to suggest corrections to existing locations if needed. Together, we can keep the overview up-to-date.

Sharepair: digital support infrastructure for citizens in the repair economy

Repair Maps is an initiative taken by various partners within the framework of the European Interreg project Sharepair, which wants to take repair to a higher level in the years to come: with a repair guide (online), a central repair workshop, 3D printing of spare parts, and many other actions to move towards sustainable and circular cities.